The long road to SA citizenship for former Angolan refugees

Published: 15/Feb/2017
Source: News 24 (South Africa)

By Jan Cronje, News24 Correspondent

Cape Town – Nineteen years ago, Kazi Irene Boaventura, aged 7, and her 3-year-old brother Filipe fled with their mother to South Africa from Angola, as full-scale fighting again broke out in a protracted and brutal civil war.

Granted refugee status, the family settled in Cape Town to start a new life.

Now 26 and employed as a manager at an upscale Cape Town restaurant, Boaventura thinks of herself as South African. But her life in South Africa could end if home affairs did not grant her leave to stay on in the country.

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Themes: Nationality and Refugees
Regions: South Africa
Year: 2017