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DRC: Congo Siasa – Discrimination and the M23 rebellion

Published: 24/Jan/2023
Source: Congo Research Group

By Jason Stearns Since the M23 rebellion re-emerged in November 2021, there has been a lot of noise––to call it a discussion would be to exaggerate its nuance and sophistication ––about discrimination against Congolese Tutsi and its role in the […]

Creating Belonging or Ruling by Exclusion? Politics, Citizenship and African Governance

Published: 23/Jan/2023
Source: Democracy in Africa

By Jesper Bjarnesen, Cristiano Lanzano, Henning Melber, and Patience Mususa Citizenship is and has always been a complicated and multi-faceted concept. Across African contexts, as a recent IDAP webinar reiterated, this complexity is both conceptual and reflective of the many and changing […]

Right to participate and citizenship: Liberians yearn for an inclusive vote in 2023

Published: 6/Jan/2023
Source: AfricLaw (Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa and the Centre for Human Rights, Pretoria)

Author: Urias Teh Pour Executive Director, Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR), Liberia For the first time in the political history of Liberia, Liberians in the diaspora are making a strong case for their inclusion in the 2023 general […]

Identification and Civil Registration: A lifeline for displaced people in Mozambique

Published: 4/Jan/2023
Source: World Bank

BY FAHER ELFAYEZ, LIZARDO NARVAEZ, TIAGO CARNEIRO PEIXOTO The conflict in the north of Mozambique has created a humanitarian crisis with many thousands of individuals internally displaced, forced to uproot their lives and start over. World Bank efforts to build resilience in Mozambique […]

How To Obtain Egyptian Citizenship?

Published: 16/Oct/2022
Source: Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm (Cairo)

Do you want to be Egyptian? In this article, we will discuss all requirements to obtain Egyptian Citizenship The requirements to obtain Egyptian citizenship: Egyptian Law 140 of 2019 sets out the controls for granting Egyptian citizenship to a foreigner. […]

Rejected by the homeland: Stateless Libyan Tuareg and the role of migration

Published: 9/Jun/2022
Source: European Network on Statelessness

Yentl de Lange, Arabist and Researcher focusing on migration and North Africa This blog outlines the situation of stateless Tuareg in Libya. It is based on a preliminary study conducted through interviews with sixteen Libyan Tuareg in April 2020 which […]

Confronting Uncertainty: Understanding Statelessness in Tunisia

Published: 28/Mar/2022
Source: Boston University School of Law International Human Rights Clinic

The right to a nationality is foundational towards the protection and fulfillment of basic human rights. If you have ever crossed an international border, chances are you hold a national identity document that entitles you to not only leave but […]

Children affected by Displacement and the Right to Legal Identity in Mali

Published: 31/Jan/2022
Source: Internal Displacement Research Programme (IDRP) of the Refugee Law Initiative (RLI), University of London.

Children displaced within Mali, or returning from refugee camps outside the country, face ongoing challenges to registering their birth and accessing civil documentation By Daniel Ozoukou Since 2012, Mali has been facing complex security and humanitarian crisis with repeated military […]

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