The Arduous Journey of the Makonde to Kenyan Citizenship

Publié: 9/Nov/2016
Source: CRAI blog

By Diana Gichengo The Makonde community in Kenya arrived in the country in the 1940s mainly as laborers in sugar and sisal plantations at the coast from Mozambique, majority of them settled in Tanzania while the rest were left in…

Refugees, Conflict and the Search for Belonging

Publié: 20/Oct/2016
Source: CRAI blog

By Lucy Hovil Drawing on seven years of research by IRRI, my book, Refugees, Conflict and the Search for Belonging has just been published (Palgrave Macmillan, September 2016). Although the focus is on East and Central Africa, the book has…

The Eligibility for Refugees to Acquire Ugandan Citizenship

Publié: 22/Mar/2016
Source: International Refugee Rights Initiative

Imagine being denied citizenship and treated like a foreigner in the only country you have ever known, the country where you were born and spent your whole life, the place where everyone you know (friends, family, even perhaps your grandparents)…

Recent Developments in Citizenship Law in Africa

Publié: 25/Fév/2016
Source: CRAI blog

The 3rd edition of the Open Society Foundation publication Citizenship Law in Africa: A Comparative Study was released in January. Its author, Bronwen Manby, considers developments since the last edition was published in 2010. The last five years have been a busy…

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