National Laws and Regulations

Cameroun: Avant-projet de loi portant Code des personnes et de la famille

Published: 27/Jun/2020

En francais et anglais / in English and French. Titre IV (arts. 76-114) concerne la nationalité / Title IV (arts. 76-114) concerns nationality. Extracts: ARTICLE 81 : Tout Camerounais justifiant d’une autre nationalité conserve la nationalité camerounaise, sauf répudiation de…

Botswana: Citizenship (Amendment) Regulations 2020

Published: 27/Mar/2020

Statutory Instrument No. 56 of 2020 The Regulations are amended in regulation 3 substituting for regulation 3, the following new regulation — “Authorised Tribal Officer Cap. 41:01 3. The Minister may by notice in the Gazette declare any Moemela Kgosi…