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Meet Kenyan Community Voting for the First Time

Published: 6/Aug/2022

By MAUREEN NJERI The Shona will participate in their first ever General Election n Kenya nearly six decades after the community migrated from Zimbabwe. Speaking to BBC Africa, the community secretary general Oliver Muregerera was excited to finally exercise his civil…

Conditions set for Egyptians to obtain foreign nationality explained

Published: 4/Aug/2022
Source: Egypt Independent

Egyptian law allows citizens to be granted permission to naturalize a foreign nationality while retaining their Egyptian nationality and that makes them exempt from military service. Masry Al-Youm answers how the Egyptian expatriates obtain the approval of the Egyptian authorities…

South Africa : ANC wants tighter citizenship laws to keep out foreigners

Published: 31/Jul/2022
Source: Daily News (Harare)

SPOUSAL and relative’s visas should be done away with because the system is being “abused by foreign nationals” to settle in SA, the ANC has said in an additional discussion document distributed to delegates at the policy conference on Friday…

All you need to know about Liberia’s new dual citizenship law

Published: 27/Jul/2022
Source: Al Jazeera

The law, which ends a 1973 ban on dual nationality, is partly due to extensive campaigning by Liberians in the diaspora. By Dounard Bondo Liberia’s president has signed into law a bill that amends the country’s alien and nationality law. The…

Liberia reverses longtime ban on dual citizenship

Published: 25/Jul/2022
Source: Africanews / AFP

Liberia has allowed dual citizenship, reversing a longtime ban viewed by some as hypocritical as many elites secretly held US citizenship. The bill, signed into law by President George Weah Friday and confirmed Sunday by AFP, had passed both the…

Hausas in Sudan: The pilgrims’ descendants fighting for acceptance

Published: 23/Jul/2022
Source: BBC

By Zeinab Mohammed Salih A demand by Sudan’s Hausa community to be recognised as traditional custodians of some land in Blue Nile state has erupted into deadly violence. Clashes broke out last weekend with members of another ethnic group that…

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