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Cabinet Secretary Response to the Public Petition for recognition of the Pemba Community as Citizens of Kenya

Published: 25/Fév/2022
Source: Kenya Cabinet Secretary / National Assembly Departmental Committee on Administration and National Security

Official response of the Cabinet Secretary to the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Administration and National Security Report on Public Petition No.41 of 2020 Regarding Recognition of the Pemba People of Kenya as Citizens of Kenya. The Cabinet Secretary states […]

UNHCR and Republic of South Africa High-Level Dialogue: Main Outcomes

Published: 25/Jan/2022
Source: South African Department of Home Affairs

January 2022UNHCR and Republic of South Africa High-Level DialogueAssistant High Commissioner (Protection) and Minister of Home Affairs Extracts: OVERVIEW OF THE AGENDA : CURRENT AND FUTURE COLLABORATION1. Asylum system development: legislative reform and protection impact2. Asylum system development: social assistance3. […]

National Action Plan to End Statelessness in Somalia 2021 – 2024

Published: 22/Juin/2021
Source: Federal Government of Somalia

The National Action Plan was officially launched by the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs (MoIFAR) of Somalia on 22 June 2021. The NAP highlights the following priorities: Priority 1: Ensure no child is born stateless Priority 2: Remove gender discrimination […]

Report of the Law Commission on the Review of the Malawi Citizenship Act

Published: 11/Juin/2021
Source: Malawi Law Commission

Introduction The need for review of the Malawi Citizenship Act (the act) has been longstanding and ongoing from various stakeholders and on different aspects of the act. Among the submissions, the Parliamentary Women Caucus in Malawi made a submission to […]

Guidelines and Procedures for the Acquisition of National Documents by Zambians in the Diaspora

Published: 1/Mai/2021
Source: International Organization for Migration (IOM), and The Zambian Government

This booklet provides Guidelines and Procedures for the Acquisition of Zambian National Identity Documents by the Zambian Diaspora. The main purpose of the Guidelines and Procedures is to: i. Ensure smooth facilitation and easy acquisition of National Identity Documents; ii. […]

South Africa: Draft Official Identity Management Policy

Published: 31/Déc/2020
Source: South African Department of Home Affairs

Public Consultation Version, Government Notice No.1425, 31 December 2020 Section 3.3 Policy Objectives: This policy is developed with the following objectives in mind: Enable an inclusive digital population register that is secure, accurate and confidential Position the DHA as the […]

South African Parliament: Question NW2763 to the Minister of Home Affairs

Published: 2/Déc/2020
Source: Parliamentary Monitoring Group (Cape Town)

Tito, Ms LF to ask the Minister of Home Affairs (a) What is the total number of cases of blocked identity documents (IDs) in his department and (b) how long does it take his department to investigate and resolve the […]

Report on National Inquiry on Access to Documentation in Zimbabwe

Published: 30/Sep/2020
Source: Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (extract) Access to documentation is a fundamental human right. It is a right upon which other rights can be enjoyed. National documents establish the legal relationship between a citizen and his or her country and they give rise […]

Policy Guidance on Sierra Leone Citizenship Laws

Published: 1/Fév/2020
Source: Sierra Leone Immigration Department

INTRODUCTION 1.1 Citizenship is the concept of belonging to a nation or a sovereign state. It is a legal status enshrined in the constitution and/or in statute which accord members rights and privileges along with responsibilities. This include the right […]

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