UNHCR Southern Africa Statelessness Newsletter January – March 2021

Published: 31/Mar/2021
Source: UNHCR Southern Africa

60TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE 1961 CONVENTION 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness. The 1961 Convention is the only universal instrument that elaborates clear and concrete safeguards to prevent the occurrence of statelessness.…

Report on Citizenship Law : The Gambia

Published: 23/Mar/2021
Source: GLOBALCIT, European University Institute

By Gaye Sowe and Maria Saine This report is organised as follows. The first part sets out the historical background of the legal framework of the Gambia’s citizenship regime. It looks at both the colonial history and the constitutional history…

Report on citizenship law : Eswatini

Published: 5/Mar/2021
Source: GLOBALCIT, European University Institute

By Sabelo Gumedze This report will firstly present a historical backdrop on citizenship law postindependence. This is largely provided for in the Swaziland Independence Constitution. This history also includes the blatant violation of citizenship law by the government of Swaziland…

Report on citizenship law : Namibia

Published: 14/Jan/2021
Source: European University Institute

By Dianne Hubbard Namibian citizenship only came into being when Namibia became an independent nation on 21 March 1990, after a decades-long liberation struggle. During Namibia’s colonial occupation, its inhabitants were identified against their will first as German nationals (from…

UNHCR Campaign to End Statelessness Update Oct-Dec 2020

Published: 12/Jan/2021
Source: UNHCR

Extracts relevant to Africa: Mobilizing Governments and Civil Society On 7 November, the Consolidated Action Plan of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) on the Eradication of Statelessness (2017-2024) was validated during a regional inter-ministerial committee meeting.…

UNHCR Southern Africa Statelessness Newsletter Oct-Dec 2020

Published: 31/Dec/2020
Source: UNHCR

Updates including information on the 6th anniversary of the #IBELONG campaign to end statelessness UNHCR Southern Africa Statelessness Newsletter EN Oct-Dec 2020 UNHCR Afrique australe Apatridie Bulletin FR oct-dec 2020 UNHCR IBELONG 6th anniversary Southern Africa