Uganda: 60 Per Cent of Foreigners in Jinja Have National IDs, Passports

Published: 26/Sep/2016
Source: The Monitor (Kampala)

Jinja — Sixty per cent of foreigners in Jinja District are in possession of documents that identifies them as citizens of Uganda, rendering them eligible to run retail and other petty businesses they would ideally not have been entitled to, Daily Monitor can reveal.

The government policy, although not being enforced, is that petty businesses or retail trade, in general, is an economic sector that is a preserve of nationals.

According to the just-concluded registration exercise of non-citizens engaging in retail businesses in Jinja, up to 60 per cent of especially the Chinese and Indians nationals are in possession of documents that identify them as Ugandan citizens, hence giving them the privilege to get involved in petty and retail trade.

The findings mean that out of 10 foreigners in Jinja, at least six have a national identity card or are holding a Ugandan passport, and in some cases, are in possession of both the national identity cards and Ugandan passports. This development was confirmed by the district commercial officer, Mr Rogers Kubwooyo, last week.

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