Uganda: Govt may not be ready for new IDs, AG warns

Published: 18/Apr/2023
Source: The Monitor (Kampala)

Auditor General John Muwanga has warned that Uganda may not switch smoothly to the new digital national identification cards because the responsible agency does not appear to be ready to effect the transition.

The new, next-generation identity cards, which are due in 2024, are supposed to be more robust, and implanted with a microchip containing citizens’ electronic and biometric information.

Mr Muwanga observed in his 2022 annual report that while the time left between now and 2024 is very short, the process to replace old identification cards has not yet kicked off.

The National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) is the government agency responsible for the process.

“There is a risk that the Authority will face challenges due to the large number of applications in 2024 which will result in processing delays, congestion and frustration of applicants,” he warned.

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