Uganda: Indians to Museveni – We Want to Be Recognized As a Ugandan Tribe

Published: 16/Dec/2021
Source: Nile Post (Kampala)

By Crispus Mugisha

Indians in Uganda through their community have told president Museveni to advocate for their inclusion in the Ugandan Constitution as one of the local tribes in the country.

Speaking on behalf of the Indian Community, the Chairman of the Indian Association in Uganda Mohan Rao said without a tribe, they have no guarantee of their nationality since most of them have been born in Uganda and have raised their families here.

“Without the Tribe Sir, our children have no guarantee of nationality. It is absurd but true that even if we are Ugandans and our children are born and educated in Uganda, they are not considered citizens of Uganda, which would not be the case if they belonged to a constitutionally recognized tribe. If they work for Multinational corporations and give birth to children outside Uganda, those children are also not considered Ugandan,”. Rao said.

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Themes: Discrimination, Ethnic/Racial/Religious
Regions: Uganda
Year: 2021