Uganda: NIRA launches new National ID registration guidelines to boost accuracy

Published: 27/Feb/2024
Source: The Pulse (Uganda)

By Mzee Asingwire

The National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) has introduced detailed guidelines for the forthcoming widespread enrollment and renewal processes.

The announcement was made during a press briefing by NIRA’s Executive Director, Rosemary Kisembo, who stressed the critical role of the enrollment form in the citizenship registration process, as mandated by the Registration of Persons Act 2015.

Kisembo elaborated on the structure of the enrollment form, which is divided into three main sections designed to gather essential information for citizenship determination. “The form is meticulously designed to capture vital details across three sections, each serving a unique purpose in establishing an individual’s identity and eligibility for citizenship,” Kisembo stated.

The first section, referred to as “Part A,” focuses on personal information, including an individual’s name, occupation, educational background, and any disabilities.

Kisembo underscored the inclusivity of the process, noting, “Individuals have the flexibility to choose the names they wish to appear on their national ID, accommodating those known by alternative names under various circumstances.”

“Part B” is aimed at collecting precise residency information to ensure consistency with official records and prevent any discrepancies during National ID registration.

“Accuracy in residency details is paramount, and we urge citizens to respect established district boundaries to avoid complications,” Kisembo emphasized.

The third section, “Part C,” pertains to lineage, capturing data on one’s place of birth and origins. This part plays a crucial role in verifying citizenship through birth or descent, which Kisembo clarified, “is determined not merely by being born within Uganda’s borders but through ancestral lineage.”

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