Good Practices Paper – Action 7: Ensuring birth registration for the prevention of statelessness

Published: 1/Nov/2017
Source: UNHCR

Action 7 of the Global Action Plan calls on States to ‘ensure birth registration for the prevention of statelessness’, as birth certificates provide key information that assists children to confirm or acquire nationality. The links between birth registration and the acquisition of nationality are explained in more detail in Section 1.3. The objective of Action 7 is that by 2024 no cases of statelessness occur due to lack of birth registration. Achieving this depends heavily on the functioning of national civil registration systems, which in principle are to provide universal access consistent with the duty of every State to register all births that occur in its territory.

Includes country study on Kenya.

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Themes: Acquisition par les enfants, Apatridie, Enregistrement des naissances, Normes internationales
Regions: International, Kenya
Year: 2017