Union of Somaliland and Somalia, Law No.1 of 1960

Published: 27/Jun/1960

As adopted by the Somaliland legislative assembly 27 June 1960 and published in the Somaliland Gazette 5 July 1960.



  1. (1) All persons who upon the date of this Union possess the citizenship of Somaliland and Somalia respectively shall by this Union now become citizens of the Somali Republic.
    (2) All persons who hereafter would, but for this Union, have become citizens of Somaliland or Somalia respectively under the law of either of the two uniting States as presently subsisting, shall hereafter become citizens of the Somali Republic.

Download: Somalia and Somaliland Union Law 1960

Themes: Acquisition of nationality, State Succession
Regions: Somalia
Year: 1960