What Tanzania’s position on dual citizenship means

Published: 16/May/2023
Source: The Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

By Josephine Christopher

Dar es Salaam. International relations experts feel Tanzania was blocking itself from utilising the potential of its diaspora as the government maintained its position to reject dual citizenship. Yesterday, Home Affairs minister Hamad Masauni told the Parliament that the dual citizenship was not a plea of the majority Tanzanians.

Mr Masauni cited the results of public opinions gathered during the constitution review process which, according to him, showed majority of Tanzanians were not in favour of the cause. “When this request becomes the plea of the majority, then the government would reconsider its position, but for now the government is in the final stages of preparing a special status for the diaspora,” he said.

The government has on different occasions argued that dual nationality would create inequality and confusion among Tanzanians. The government also fears that the arrangement would undermine the national identity and sovereignty of the country.

Tanzania citizenship is governed by the Tanzania Citizenship Act, Chapter 357 (Revised Edition of 2002) and its Regulations of 1997. According to the minister, the country’s citizenship status per the legal standings, will remain as stated in the Act, Citizenship by Birth, Citizenship by Descent, and Citizenship by Naturalization.

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