Who is a Tanzanian citizen? An appraisal of the mechanisms of proof of Tanzanian citizenship

Published: 1/Jan/2013
Source: Open University Law Journal (Tanzania)

By: Clement B. Mubanga

From: Open University Law Journal 2013, Vol. 4, No. 1:7-19


Historically, Tanzania is composed of a medley of people. The latter are made of different origins due to a number of factors. With such a composition, there is a need to create clear legally recognized mechanisms to prove one’s citizenship. In the absence of singular and legally recognised document to prove Tanzanian citizenship a number of mechanisms have been resorted to. This paper seeks to analyse the most commonly used mechanisms. As it can be noted, the latter are featured with inherent weaknesses. In the light of the analysis the author desires and invites discussions on whether the long-awaited national identity cards will cure the defect.

Download: Mubanga_Proof-of-Citizenship-Tanzania_OULJ2013

Themes: Identity Documents, Birth Registration, ID Documents and Passports
Regions: Tanzania
Year: 2013