Zambia government approves dual citizenship; Malawi Diaspora continues to wait in despair

Published: 2/Aug/2017
Source: Maravi Post (Malawi)

By Ausborn Banda

The Zambian Ministry of Home Affairs this week encouraged all interested Zambians living in the Diaspora and non-Zambians living in Zambia, to apply for dual citizenship, this follows amendments that it’s lawmakers made to the Constitution and assented to by President Edgar Lungu.

Home Affairs spokesperson Moses Suwali said in an interview in Lusaka Tuesday that the Ministry has established the modalities for the dual citizenship facility.

Mr. Suwali said the new law puts the country on a progressive road as most people living in the Diaspora, will be able to come back home and positively contribute towards development.

“For people living in the Diaspora, this (law) puts them at great advantage; even foreigners who wish to become Zambians, can now apply. Even people who are refugees, can apply as long as they have a valid passport from their country,” he said.

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Themes: Dual Nationality
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