Zimbabwe: Cabinet Okays Citizenship Law Amendments to Bring Dual Citizenship

Publié : 27/Fév/2019
Source: New Zimbabwe

CABINET on Tuesday approved amendments to the Zimbabwe Citizenship Bill to allow dual citizenship as part of the on-going process of aligning the country’s laws with the 2013 national constitution.

The current Act prohibits the simultaneous holding of a Zimbabwean citizenship and that of another country by any citizen whereas the Constitution permits dual citizenship for those who are citizens by birth.

Addressing a post-cabinet media briefing in Harare Tuesday, Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said cabinet approved « key provisions of the amendment including renaming of the Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act as Zimbabwe Citizenship Act. »

Among some of the law’s provisions, Mutsvangwa said, is the « Permitting of dual citizenship for citizens by birth and establishment of Zimbabwe Citizenship and Immigration Board to inter alia oversee the granting and revocation of citizenship by decent and registration.

« Prohibition of dual citizenship for citizen by decent and registration.

« And requirement of applicants for citizens by registration to have resided in Zimbabwe for 10 years, contrary to the current requirement of 5 years in terms of the current Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act. »

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Thèmes: Double Nationalité, Naturalisation et le mariage
Les régions: Zimbabwe
An: 2019