Zimbabwe: Call for applicant / immigration, citizenship, and residency cases

Published: 18/Jul/2017
Source: Kubatana (Harare)

Do you know that the Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act and the Immigration Act is out dated and far behind in terms of alignment with the new Constitution of Zimbabwe?

Do you know, every Zimbabwean citizen and everyone else who is legally in Zimbabwe has the right to move freely with Zimbabwe, reside in any part of Zimbabwe, and to leave Zimbabwe?

Do you know that in terms of the new Constitution, there is supposed to be a new Citizenship and Immigration Board consisting of a chairperson and at least two other members appointed by the President to be responsible for granting and revoking citizenship by registration; permitting persons other than citizens to reside and work in Zimbabwe; and fixing the terms and conditions under which they may so reside and work?

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, ID Documents and Passports
Regions: Zimbabwe
Year: 2017