Zimbabwe: Citizenship (Passport Fees) Regulations, 2021

Published: 13/Déc/2021

Statutory Instrument 273 of 2021

IT is hereby notified that the Minister has in terms of section 22 of the Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 4:01], made the following regulations: —

1 . These regulations may be cited as the Citizenship Act (Passport Fees) Regulations, 2021.

2. The Minister hereby notifies that henceforth the Government will cease the issuance of the current type of passports and in place thereof will be issuing electronically readable passports (e-passports) whose charges arc as specified in the Schedule.

3 . The current type of passports, issued before the date of operation of these regulations, will cease to be acceptable internationally by 31st December, 2023, and will therefore need to be replaced by e-passports in terms of these regulations.

4. The Citizenship (Passport Fees) Regulations, 2021, published in Statutory Instrument 201 of 2021, are hereby repealed.



  1. The fees payable for obtaining one passport shall be: —
    (a) ordinary e-passport USD$100.00
    (b) emergency or express e-passport USD$200,00
  2. A normal fee of USD $20,00, shall be charged for every passport application fee processed at any CBZ Bank Branch Countrywide.

Supplement to the Zimbabwean Government Gazette Extraordinary dated the 13th December. 2021.

Repealed by the Citizenship (Passport Fees) Regulations, 2022


Themes: Cartes d’identité et passeports
Regions: Zimbabwe
Year: 2021