Zimbabwe: New RG Tackles Queues, Graft

Published: 24/Sep/2018
Source: The Herald (Harare)

Newly-appointed Registrar- General Mr Clement Masango yesterday vowed to end perennial queues for various documents, fight corruption and instill a new work ethic to ramp up service delivery in line with the demands of the Second Republic led by President Mnangagwa.

In an interview, Mr Masango said he would widen computerisation of the department to ensure efficiency by minimising personal contact between officers and clients, as part of efforts to combat corruption as well as making services affordable.

Mr Masango, who was Immigration Department principal director, replaced long-time civil servant Mr Tobaiwa Mudede, who was among several senior Government employees who were retired last week.


“My word for those in the diaspora or all Zimbabweans is that I will respect one’s right to citizenship and everyone who is entitled to a passport will get it as long as he satisfies the provisions of the law. If unavailability of passports has to do with a problem of financial resources, authorities will be approached and have the situation addressed.”


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