Zimbabwe: The legal position on dual citizenship – Alex Magaisa

Published: 7/Aug/2015
Source: Nehanda Radio

By Alex T. Magaisa

The legal position on dual citizenship is fairly simple and straightforward on paper (on paper, because as this article shows, the administrative machinery is deliberately obstructive, stubborn and inefficient).

Otherwise the legal position is clear:

Any person who is a Zimbabwean citizen by birth is entitled to dual citizenship. In fact, he or she is entitled to multiple citizenship, as there are no limits to citizenships that he or she may hold, apart from their Zimbabwean citizenship. A person is not required by law to renounce his or her foreign citizenship before he or she can exercise his or her Zimbabwean citizenship.

This is the present law, which is in direct contrast to the law prior to the new Constitution of Zimbabwe, which was adopted in 2013. Prior to that, dual citizenship was prohibited for all classes of citizens under the Citizenship Act.

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