Zimbabwe: Update on citizenship, renunciation and passport issues (Jun 2002)

Published: 24/Jun/2002
Source: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR)

In January this year the High Court, in the decision in Tsvangirai v The Registrar General and Ors HH-29-2002, extended the period for renunciation of foreign citizenship in terms of the amended Citizenship Act to 6 August 2002. The judgment was appealed and the order was consequently suspended. However, the appeal has now lapsed as a result of a failure by the Registrar General to prosecute the appeal. This has the effect of reinstating the order by Justice Adam in the above case. In theory, this means that if anyone failed to renounce their foreign citizenship by 6 January 2002, they now have until 6 August 2002 to renounce such foreign citizenship (or, as is still being incorrectly interpreted by the Registrar-General, any entitlement to foreign citizenship). It also means that no-one has yet lost their Zimbabwean citizenship for failing to comply with the Amendment to the Citizenship Act. Therefore no one should be asked to apply to “re-instate” such Zimbabwean citizenship, as such a procedure would be premature.

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Themes: Discrimination, Ethnic/Racial/Religious, Nationality and Elections, Voter Registration
Regions: Southern Africa, Zimbabwe
Year: 2002