Zimbabwe Children’s Act 1972, as amended to 2002

Published: 27/Oct/1972

The Zimbabwe Children’s Act governs ‘the protection, welfare, and supervision of children and juveniles’ in the country. Part IA establishes the Child Welfare Council and Part II establishes children’s courts. Part III is aimed at the ‘prevention of neglect, ill-treatment and exploitation of children and young persons’ and makes it an offence for a parent or guardian to assault, neglect or abandon a child or young person (s.7). Part III also defines numerous situations where a parent or guardian may be deemed to have committed an offence in regards to the treatment of a child. Part IV allows any police officer, health office, education officer or probation officer to remove a child or young person to a place of safety if the child is in need of care or if there are reasonable grounds to believe an offence is being or has being committed as defined in the First Schedule of the Act (s.14(1)(a-b)). S.20 defines the powers of children’s court in respect to a child brought before it. Part V governs places of safety, institutions and training institutes for children. Subject to Part VI of the Act, a children’s court may make a contribution order against a respondent. Part VII governs the adoption of children while foreign adoptions are subject to conditions under Part VIIA. Part VIIB establishes a Child Welfare Fund. Download file: here

Themes: Identity Documents, Birth Registration
Regions: Southern Africa, Zimbabwe
Year: 1972