Nigeria Passport (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1985

Published: 8/Aug/1985

1. (1) As from the commencement of this Act, it shall be an offence for any person-

(a) not being a citizen of Nigeria, to have, hold or be in possession of any Nigerian passport;
(b) to have, hold or be in unauthorised possession of more than one valid standard Nigerian passport;
(c) unlawfully to alter, tamper with or mutilate any passport or any pages thereof;
(d) knowingly to make or cause to be made any false statement for the purpose of procuring a passport whether for himself or for another person;
(e) to submit multiple application forms to one or more passport offices with the intention of obtaining multiple passports;
(f) to knowingly conceal, hide from or fail to disclose to the proper authority the loss of a passport;
(g) to act as a broker at or in the vicinity of any passport office or elsewhere, for the procurement of a passport;
(h) to forge or traffic in passports or to hold or be in possession of any forged passport knowing the same to be forged;
(i) to attempt, aid, abet, counsel, procure or connive or conspire with any other person to commit any of the offences set out in this subsection.

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Themes: ID Documents and Passports
Regions: West Africa, Nigeria
Year: 1985