30,000 Mozambicans in South Africa receive biometric passports

Published: 16/Juin/2015
Source: Star Africa

The National Director of Civil Identification in Mozambique, Domingos Jofane has said more than 30,000 of his compatriots living and working in South Africa already have biometric identity cards and passports.He said this is part of a campaign promoted by his country’s Ministry of Interior which includes Tanzania, Algeria, France, Portugal, Germany and Spain.

According to Jofane, the process runs smoothly and it is expected that thousands of Mozambicans are to receive new documents while in Tanzania it is expected that the documents are assigned to 16, 000 people, while in four European countries the process will include more than 2, 000 Mozambicans who live and work there.

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Themes: Cartes d’identité et passeports, Pièces d'identité
Regions: Afrique du Sud, Afrique australe, Mozambique
Year: 2015