A safe haven for Somalis in Uganda?

Published: 1/Aug/2014
Source: Rift Valley Institute

By Gianluca Iazzolino

Key points

  • There are growing numbers of Somali migrants in Uganda, where a Somali community has existed since colonial times.
  • Changes in the wider pattern of migration among Somalis in East Africa are driven by pressure on Somali refugees in Kenya and a more favourable legal framework for refugees in Uganda.
  • Ugandan security forces and Somali community leaders share intelligence to minimize the risk of attacks on Ugandan troops in Somalia and of terrorism in Uganda.
  • Uganda has emerged as a haven where Somalis can accrue financial, legal and educational assets which facilitate physical and social mobility.
  • As the Somali community in Uganda has expanded business has grown, and clan-­‐ based Somali student unions have emerged where political aspirations are cultivated.

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Themes: Nationality and Refugees
Regions: Uganda
Year: 2014