ACHPR Comm 159/96: UIDH and others / Angola

Published: 11/Nov/1997

Communication 159/96 : Union interafricaine des droits de l’Homme, Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l’Homme, Rencontre africaine des droits de l’Homme, Organisation nationale des droits de l’Homme au Sénégal and Association malienne des droits de l’Homme / Angola.

The communication is jointly filed by UIDH, FIDH, RADDHO, ONDH and AMDH. All these NGOs are acting in this case on behalf of certain West African nationals expelled from Angola in 1996. According to the Complainants, between April and September 1996, the Angolan government rounded up and expelled West African nationals on its territory. These illegal expulsions were preceded by acts of brutality committed against Senegalese, Malian, Gambian, Mauritanian and other nationals. Those affected lost in the process their belongings.

Download decision: achpr22_159_96_eng
Themes: African standards, Mass Expulsions
Regions: Pan Africa, Angola
Year: 1997