African-American wants court to grant him Kenyan citizenship by ancestry

Published: 28/Mai/2024
Source: The Nation (Nairobi)

An African-American who is seeking to be recognised as a Kenyan citizen by ancestry, has claimed that he suffered name-calling when he lived in the US.

While testifying before a Mombasa court, Mr Mubarak Abdul Muqsit Akram said since his childhood and into adulthood while in the US, he and his family were called “coloured people” among other derogatory names.

Mr Akram wants the court to order State authorities to issue him a Kenyan citizenship.

He says he chose to settle in Kenya because he feels it is close to him, adding that Kenyans are good people.

“I have chosen Kenya and not other countries. My choice of Kenya as my ancestral home is informed by the fact that modern-day Kenya was part of the larger African territory from where my descendants were forcibly caught and enslaved to America,” says Mr Akram.

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Themes: Naturalisation et le mariage
Regions: Kenya
Year: 2024