Algeria: Draft law to cancel citizenship from exiled opposition sparks anger

Published: 9/Mar/2021
Source: Middle East Monitor

The government in Algeria is looking at a controversial law which could, if passed, be used to strip citizenship from opposition figures in exile. The move has been proposed by Minister of Justice Belkacem Zeghmati because, he believes, political opponents living overseas could commit acts against Algeria’s national interests.

The draft law has been discussed by the government but no decision on it has been taken. The text provides for the withdrawal of nationality from every Algerian living abroad who acts against the interests of the state; undermines national unity; joins a terrorist organisation; or finances or defends terrorism. The « interests of the state », of course, are determined by the state and can be manipulated for political purposes.

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Themes: Perte et déchéance de la nationalité
Regions: Algérie
Year: 2021