Algerian businessman uses cousin in election bid

Published: 4/Mar/2019
Source: Middle East Online

Nekkaz banned from running due to formerly holding French citizenship, uses cousin with same name to run for him.

ALGIERS – When an Algerian businessman was ruled ineligible to stand in April’s presidential election, his cousin and namesake stepped forward to take his place.

In recent weeks Rachid Nekkaz has travelled around Algeria to gather the necessary 60,000 voter signatures to join the race for the presidency, before appearing Sunday at the Constitutional Council to formally register as a candidate.

But despite renouncing his French citizenship, Nekkaz appears to have fallen foul of a law which bans candidates who have ever possessed a nationality other than Algerian.

Two hours after Nekkaz entered the Constitutional Council, another man left the building and introduced himself to the media as: “Rachid Nekkaz, candidate for the presidential (election)”.

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