Botswana: 16 investors granted citizenship

Published: 14/Feb/2023
Source: Mmegi (Gaborone)

By Goitsemodimo Kaelo

The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs has granted citizenship to 16 foreign investors during the last five years. The minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Annah Mokgethi told parliament recently that the majority of those granted citizenship are South Africans followed by Indians.

“Records from my ministry indicate that a total of 16 foreign nationals have been granted Botswana citizenship as investors/directors from 2018 to date. The majority of whom (7 or 43%) were South Africans, followed by Indians (6 or 38%) while the rest (3 or 18%) were nationals of other countries,” she said. According to the minister, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Greece all have one national who has been granted Botswana citizenship within the period under review. With regard to possible implications for the economic inclusion goal, Mokgethi assured the House that the dispensation does not in any way have a negative impact on the economic inclusion initiative.

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