Botswana cancels dual citizenship

Published: 6/May/2018
Source: The Southern Times

Mpho Tebele

Gaborone – The Botswana government has announced that it would cancel citizenship for all persons above the age of 21 who have not renounced citizenship of another country.

Currently, a child born to a Botswana citizen and a foreigner has dual citizenship or is considered to assume the nationality of both parents until the age of 21.

But the Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs said after age 21 the person should choose between the two countries and renounce citizenship of the other.

The ministry stated in a statement that: “Affected individuals should at the age of 20 inform the ministry in writing of their intention to renounce citizenship, a process which must be completed before turning 21. Affected individuals are to submit their letters to immigration offices in their area.”

According to the statement, “When an individual with dual citizenship fails to renounce citizenship at age 21, it will result in the loss of the Botswana citizenship because the law will presume that the citizenship has been renounced as per the Citizenship Act.”

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