Botswana: Citizenship (Amendment) Regulations 2020

Published: 27/Mar/2020

Statutory Instrument No. 56 of 2020

The Regulations are amended in regulation 3 substituting for regulation 3, the following new regulation —

“Authorised Tribal Officer Cap. 41:01 3. The Minister may by notice in the Gazette declare any Moemela Kgosi or Kgosana appointed under the Bogosi Act to be an authorised tribal officer for the purposes of these Regulations.”.

The Regulations are amended in regulation 28 by substituting for subregulation (1), the following new subregulation —

“(1) A citizen of Botswana who is a — (a) Justice of Appeal; (b) Judge of the High Court or the Industrial Court; (c) Member of the National Assembly; (d) Kgosi; (e) Magistrate; (f) Senior public officer; (g) Bank manager; (h) Minister of religion; (i) Authorised tribal officer of the rank of C2 and above; (j) Councilor; (k) Legal practitioner; or (l) Medical practitioner,shall be qualified to be an additional sponsor for the purposes of these Regulations.”

Download: Botswana Citizenship Amendment Regulations 2020


Themes: Naturalisation and Marriage
Regions: Botswana
Year: 2020