Campaign to end sex discrimination in nationality and citizenship laws

Published: 2/Avr/2013
Source: Equality Now

Despite repeated commitments by governments around the world to ensure women’s equality by repealing discriminatory laws, sex discrimination persists, including in citizenship and nationality laws. This is damaging to the lives of women and their families. Although there has been some progress, with a number of countries recently amending their laws on citizenship in order to provide equality between women and men and others announcing their intention to do so, too many laws continue to discriminate with a devastating impact on women and their families.

In this report, Equality Now highlights those countries where significant discrimination remains in the law. Nationality laws are very complex – this does not purport to be a definitive study of all the discrimination contained within them or in the regulations which govern them. We seek instead to show some of the harmful consequences of this discrimination and, consequently, how changes to the law to remove discrimination could exponentially improve the lives of the families affected.

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Themes: Discrimination, Sexuelle
Regions: International
Year: 2013