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Union of Somaliland and Somalia, Law No.1 of 1960

Published: 27/Juin/1960

As adopted by the Somaliland legislative assembly 27 June 1960 and published in the Somaliland Gazette 5 July 1960. Extract: Citizenship (1) All persons who upon the date of this Union possess the citizenship of Somaliland and Somalia respectively shall […]

Somaliland Nationality and Citizenship Ordinance 1960

Published: 25/Juin/1960

Somaliland was a British Protectorate. This ordinance governed the acquisition of Somaliland citizenship at independence in 1960, before the merger of Somaliland and Somalia in July 1960. Text as made available by Download: Somaliland Nationality & Citizenship Ordinance 1960 […]

Ethiopia Civil Code, Proclamation 165 of 1960

Published: 5/Mai/1960

Contains provisions on civil status, including birth registration. Proclamation No. 213/2000 of 2000 on the Revised Family Code states that the provisions of the Civil Code on persons (Book One, Articles 198-338) and on family and successions (Book Two, Articles […]

Somalia Citizenship Law No.9 of 12 February 1960

Published: 12/Fév/1960

Adopted by the legislative assembly in anticipation of Somalia independence. Superseded by Law No. 28 of 22 December 1962 on Somali Citizenship. Download (in Italian): Somalia Citizenship Law Italian 12Feb1960

Note Sur la Nationalité et les Citoyennetés Dans la Communauté

Published: 1/Jan/1959
Source: Annuaire français de droit international

M. le Professeur P.F. Gonidec « Note sur la nationalité et les citoyennetés dans la Communauté » In: Annuaire français de droit international, volume 5, 1959. pp. 748-761 Jusqu’en 1958, les problèmes de nationalité et de citoyenneté ne soulevaient aucune difficulté majeure […]

Ghana Nationality and Citizenship Act 1957

Published: 10/Mai/1957

Act No 1 of 1957, defining the conditions to acquire citizenship of Ghana at independence and thereafter. Download: Ghana Nationality and Citizenship Act 1957

Liberia Aliens and Nationality Law 1956

Published: 1/Jan/1956

The first comprehensive legislation on nationality in Liberia. Title 3, Laws of Liberia. s.110 All persons of Negro descent born in the Republic of Liberia and subject to its jurisdiction are citizens thereof. s.111 All children born out of the […]