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Arab Nationality Convention

Published: 1/Jan/1954
Source: League of Arab States

Repealed by the Arab League Minsters of Foreign Affairs Council (Res 02/2256/ 1994). Download (Arabic only): Arab Nationality Convention 1954

Zanzibar Nationality Decree 1952

Published: 28/Oct/1952

Replacing the Zanzibar Nationality and Naturalization Decree 1911 and providing for the rules on acquisition and loss of the status of subject of Zanzibar. « Every person born after the commencement of this Decree within the Dominions of His Highness the […]

Ethiopia/Eritrea: UN General Assembly Resolution 390 A (V) of 2 December 1950

Published: 2/Déc/1950
Source: UN General Assembly

Eritrea: report of the United Nations Commission for Eritrea; report of the Interim Committee of the General Assembly on the report of the United Nations Commission for Eritrea Paragraph 1: Eritrea shall constitute an autonomous unit federated with Ethiopia under […]

South African Citizenship Act 44 of 1949

Published: 2/Sep/1949

The first comprehensive Citizenship Act of South Africa as a fully independent state, adopted as part of the framework established by the British Nationality Act of 1948, and repealing previous laws regulating nationality of the Union of South Africa as […]

Kenya: Registration of Persons Ordinance No.33 of 1947

Published: 26/Déc/1947

[Date of commencement: 16th May, 1949.] An Ordinance to make Provision for the Registration of Persons in the Colony and for the issue of Identity Cards, and for purposes connected therewith. Download text as published in the Laws of Kenya, […]

Ethiopia Nationality Law 1930

Published: 22/Juil/1930

(Note: superseded by 2003 Nationality Proclamation.) NATIONALITY OF CHILDREN BORN OF ETHIOPIAN SUBJECTS IN ETHIOPIAN OR ABROAD 1. Any person born in Ethiopia or abroad, whose father or mother is Ethiopian, is an Ethiopian subject. NATIONALITY IN CASE OF MARRIAGE […]

Nigeria: Marriage Act 1914

Published: 31/Déc/1914

Act No.18 of 1914, amended by Acts No. 18 of 1916, 3 of 1922, 58 of 1933, and 1 of 1958. Chapter 218, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990 « All marriages celebrated under this Act shall be good and […]

Zanzibar Nationality and Naturalization Decree 1911

Published: 13/Nov/1911

“3. The following persons are Zanzibaris by birth: (a) The child, whether born in our Dominions or not, of a Zanzibari father who was born in our Dominions or became our subject by naturalization. (b) The child born in our […]