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Liberia Domestic Relations Law 1973

Published: 10/Apr/1973

Includes provisions on custody, guardianship and adoption of children. Download: Liberia Domestic Relations Law 1973

Nigeria Citizenship Legislation (as of 1973)

Published: 1/Jan/1973

1963 Constitution provisions on citizenship 1960 Nigerian Citizenship Act 1961 Nigerian Citizenship Act 1961 Nigerian Citizenship (Naturalization) Regulations 1968 Nigerian Citizenship (Validation) Decree Annotated texts annexed to: Arthur V.J. Nylander, The Nationality and Citizenship Laws of Nigeria, Lagos: University of […]

Zimbabwe Children’s Act 1972, as amended to 2002

Published: 27/Oct/1972

The Zimbabwe Children’s Act governs ‘the protection, welfare, and supervision of children and juveniles’ in the country. Part IA establishes the Child Welfare Council and Part II establishes children’s courts. Part III is aimed at the ‘prevention of neglect, ill-treatment […]

Malawi Citizenship Act 1966 as amended 1971

Published: 1/Jan/1972

As amended by the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act No.5 of 1971 to provide citizenship to those born in Malawi only if one parent was a citizen of Malawi (text in bold in section 4), as well as a person […]

Ghana: Shalabi v. Attorney-General

Published: 26/Nov/1971
Source: High Court of Ghana

Summary: The facts: The plaintiffs had been born to Lebanese parents in the Gold Coast becoming citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies by birth. The Gold Coast became independent as the State of Ghana in 1957. In 1968 the […]