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Ghana Nationality Act 1971 & amending decrees

Published: 3/Jul/1971

Act 361. Repeals and replaces the Nationality Decree 1967. PDF includes the text of the amending decrees: Ghana Nationality (Amendment) Decree, 1972 (N.R.C.D. 134) Ghana Nationality (Amendment) Decree, 1978 (S.M.C.D. 172) Ghana Nationality (Amendment) Decree, 1979 (A.F.R.C.D. 42) Download: Ghana […]

Lesotho Citizenship Order, No.16 of 1971

Published: 1/Jan/1971

Repealed and replaced the 1967 Citizenship Act. Part II of the Order (on citizenship attributed at birth) was repealed by the 1993 Constitution. (See also two amendments in 1991: the second repealed the first.) Download file (3MB): Lesotho Citizenship Order […]

Zambia: Refugee (Control) Act, 1970

Published: 4/Sep/1970

Zambia’s Refugee (Control) Act, 1970 describes the conditions which refugees will be subject to while in Zambia and details the limited rights of refugees. Section 6(2) provides that: “Every refugee shall, upon registration under this section, be issued with an […]