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DRC Constitution de Luluabourg 1964

Published: 1/Aug/1964

Article 6 Il existe une seule nationalité congolaise. Elle est attribuée, à la date du 30 juin 1960, à toute personne dont un des ascendants est ou a été membre d’une tribu ou d’une partie de tribu établie sur le […]

AHG/Res. 16(I) Border Disputes Among African States

Published: 22/Jul/1964
Source: Organisation of African Unity

The Assembly of Heads of State and Government meeting in its First Ordinary Session in Cairo, UAR, from 17 to 21 July 1964, Considering that border problems constitute a grave and permanent factor of dissention; Conscious of the existence of […]

Constitution of Malawi 1964

Published: 6/Jul/1964

The Independence Constitution (adopted by the Malawi Independence Order 1964, UK Statutory Instrument 1964/916). 1. (1) Every person who, having been born in the former Nyasaland Protectorate, is on 5th July 1964 a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies […]

Tanganyika Citizenship Ordinance, 1961, amended to 1964

Published: 26/Apr/1964

As amended by the Tanganyika Citizenship Ordinance Amendment Act No.69 of 1962 and the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar Extension and Amendment of Laws (No.5) Decree of 1964. Entry into force with retroactive effect to 9 December 1961. Download: Tanganyika […]

Kenya Citizenship Act 1963

Published: 12/Dec/1963

Act No 49 of 1963, Cap 170 Laws of Kenya. Repealed by the Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011. Download from UNHCR:

Kenya Constitution 1963

Published: 12/Dec/1963

Chapter I provides for citizenship. Download: Kenya Constitution 1963 Independence

Zanzibar Constitution 1963

Published: 5/Dec/1963

Independence Constitution of the State of Zanzibar. Chapter I provides for citizenship. Download file: Zanzibar Constitution 1963

Constitution of Nigeria 1963

Published: 1/Oct/1963

CHAPTER II: CITIZENSHIP 7. (1) Every person who, having been born in the former Colony or Protectorate of Nigeria, was on the thirtieth day of September, 1960, a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies or a British protected person […]