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Ghana Nationality Act 1961

Published: 7/Jun/1961

Act 62 of 1961. Repealing and replacing the Citizenship and Nationality Act of 1957. Download: Ghana Nationality Act 1961

Nigeria Constitution 1960

Published: 1/Oct/1960

Independence constitution; chapter II contains provisions on citizenship. CHAPTER II: CITIZENSHIP Persons who become citizens on October 1, 1960 7.–(1) Every person who, having been born in the former Colony or Protectorate of Nigeria, was on the thirtieth day of […]

Constitution of the Somali Republic, 1960

Published: 1/Jul/1960

Article 2: The People 1.The people consists of all the citizens. 2.The manner of acquiring and losing citizenship shall be established by law. 3.No person may be denied citizenship or deprived thereof for political reasons. Article 3: Equality of the […]

Union of Somaliland and Somalia, Law No.1 of 1960

Published: 27/Jun/1960

As adopted by the Somaliland legislative assembly 27 June 1960 and published in the Somaliland Gazette 5 July 1960. Extract: Citizenship (1) All persons who upon the date of this Union possess the citizenship of Somaliland and Somalia respectively shall […]