CERD Concluding Observations: Cameroon, 2014

Published: 26/Sep/2014
Source: UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination


Citizenship and risk of statelessness

19.While commending the State party’s efforts to provide the population with identity papers, particularly through recent campaigns, the Committee is nevertheless concerned about the large number of persons residing in the national territory who do not possess identity documents, a situation likely to restrict the enjoyment of their civil and political, economic, social and cultural rights (arts. 1, 2 and 5).

The Committee recommends that the State party strengthen its efforts to issue official documents required for citizenship to all its citizens, and devote particular attention to the situation of vulnerable populations, including indigenous peoples, minority groups and the populations of the Bakassi Peninsula.

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, International standards, Border Changes, Statelessness
Regions: Cameroon
Year: 2014