Chito: It took me 10 years to acquire Kenyan citizenship

Published: 27/Mai/2023
Source: KISS FM (Nairobi)

by Penninah Njoki

Did you know Morning Kiss host Chito Ndhlovu is not naturally a Kenyan?

The talented radio host acquired his Kenyan citizenship by applying for it and the process took him 10 years.

Sharing his journey during an interview with Oga Obinna on Kula Cooler, he shared

« It took me 10 years for me to get Kenyan citizenship.

I did not get it.

I am Zambia, Zimbabwean, and South African heritage within me.

I was born in Zambia where my dad hails from, My mum is from Zimbabwe and one of my grannies is from South Africa.

I am married here and the experience is beautiful. »

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