Citizenship and Liberian politics

Published: 27/Dec/2015
Source: The Perspective


The recent article published in the Liberian Observer on the citizenship of former Coca Cola executive Alex Cummings and the public reactions brought to the fore an issue that Liberia has been grappling with since its foundation. First, the American former slaves who founded the country put limitations as to whom could be a Liberia. According to Professor Patrick Burroughs, one of the criteria was to be a Christian. As the colony acquired more land and assimilated more natives, so expanded the citizenship. People of Non-negro descent were excluded and are still excluded as per the constitution. People with Muslim names still have to prove that they are not Guineans, Ivorian or Malians whenever they attempt to accede to high political position.

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Themes: Dual Nationality
Regions: West Africa, Liberia
Year: 2015