CMW Concluding Observations: Niger, 2016

Published: 11/Oct/2016
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of Migrant Workers

Concluding observations on the initial report of the Niger


Birth registration and nationality

36.The Committee welcomes the change in the law that allows women nationals of the Niger to transmit their nationality to their foreign husbands. In addition, the Committee notes with satisfaction the information provided by the delegation according to which birth registration has increased and the measures taken to ensure the registration of births, including the computerization of the registration system. It is nevertheless concerned by reports that a significant number of children, including children of migrant workers, are not registered.

37. The Committee recommends that the State party step up its efforts to ensure that all children of migrant workers are registered at birth and issued with personal identity documents in line with target 16.9 of the Sustainable Development Goals and that it raise awareness about the importance of birth registration among migrant workers and members of their families, especially those in an irregular situation.


Themes: International standards, Discrimination, Gender, Birth Registration
Regions: Niger
Year: 2016