CMW Concluding Observations: Rwanda, 2021

Published: 21/Oct/2021
Source: Committee on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families

Committee on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families
Concluding observations on the second periodic report of Rwanda

Birth registration and nationality

37.The Committee notes with satisfaction that children born in the State party are registered regardless of the status of their parents and thereafter are given birth certificates, and that the National Identification Agency is currently creating a database to register all Rwandans born and registered abroad. The Committee, however, regrets the lack of specific information on measures taken to ensure the rights to Rwandan nationality of children of migrant workers born abroad, as well as on the prevention of statelessness. The Committee further notes the lack of a clear procedure for the determination of statelessness of migrant workers as recommended by the Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons.

38. The Committee recommends that the State party:

(a) Ensure that all children of Rwandan migrant workers born abroad are registered at birth and issued with identity documents at consular services, and that birth registration is facilitated and free of charge everywhere and under all circumstances, in accordance with target 16.9 of the Sustainable Development Goals;

(b) Raise awareness of the importance of birth registration among migrant workers and members of their families, especially those in an irregular situation;

(c) Set up clear statelessness determination procedures and ease access to citizenship, given the critical role that nationality plays in the treatment of all persons, especially migrant workers.


Themes: Acquisition by children, International standards, Birth Registration
Regions: Rwanda
Year: 2021