CMW Concluding Observations: Senegal, 2016

Published: 20/May/2016
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of Migrant Workers

Concluding observations on the combined second and third periodic reports of Senegal



22.The Committee notes that, in addition to the Convention, the State party has ratified all the core international human rights treaties, which prohibit discrimination on any grounds whatsoever, and that these instruments, in accordance with article 98 of the Constitution of 2001, are part of the corpus of domestic law. It also notes that the constitutional and legislative framework of the State party contains provisions on combating discrimination, including in the areas of employment, health, education and social security. However, the Committee is concerned about: […]

(c)Reports that children born in Senegal to foreign nationals have difficulty obtaining Senegalese nationality, largely as a result of the cumbersome and lengthy naturalization process;


23. The Committee recommends that the State party take all necessary measures, including legislative amendments, to ensure that all migrant workers and members of their families, both documented and undocumented, within its territory or subject to its jurisdiction, enjoy, without discrimination, the rights recognized by the Convention, in accordance with article 7 thereof. In particular, it recommends that the State party: […]

(c) Expedite and simplify naturalization procedures for children born in Senegal to foreign parents, to enable them to acquire Senegalese nationality within a reasonable time frame;



Themes: Acquisition by children, International standards
Regions: Senegal
Year: 2016