Convention on the Certain Questions relating to the Conflict on Nationality Laws

Published: 12/Avr/1930
Source: League of Nations

Considering that it is of importance to settle by international agreement questions relating to the conflict of nationality laws;

Being convinced that it is in the general interest of the international community to secure that all its members should recognise that every person should have a nationality and should have one nationality only;

Recognising accordingly that the ideal towards which the efforts of humanity should be directed in this domain is the abolition of all cases both of statelessness and of double nationality;

Being of opinion that, under the economic and social conditions which at present exist in the various countries, it is not possible to reach immediately a uniform solution of all the above-mentioned problems;

Being desirous, nevertheless, as a first step toward this great achievement, of settling in a first attempt at progressive codification, those questions relating to the conflict of nationality laws on which it is possible at the present time to reach international agreement,


Article 1.

It is for each State to determine under its own law who are its nationals. This law shall be recognised by other States in so far as it is consistent with international conventions, international custom, and the principles of law generally recognised with regard to nationality.

Article 2.

Any question as to whether a person possesses the nationality of a particular State shall be determined in accordance with the law of the State.

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Themes: Acquisition de la nationalité, Normes internationales, Perte et déchéance de la nationalité
Regions: International
Year: 1930