CRC Concluding Observations: Chad, 2009

Published: 12/Feb/2009
Source: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child


Committee on the Rights of the Child Fiftieth session Consideration of Reports Submitted by States Parties Under Article 44 of the Convention Concluding observations: CHAD

Birth registration

39. The Committee welcomes progress made with regard to the birth registration of Chadian children. The Committee also notes the adoption in 2003 of a birth registration law providing for free birth registration. Nevertheless, the Committee remains concerned that the State party has the lowest birth registration rate i n west and central Africa. The Committee is also concerned at the absence of supplies at registration centres, the lack of precise information on the children to be registered and the distance of State registration offices from population centres. The Committee expresses additional concern at problems regarding the birth registration of Sudanese and other children born in the State party despite their official right to be registered and to acquire the nationality.

40. The Committee recommends that the State party continue and strengthen its efforts to encourage birth registration of all children, including children of refugees, particularly Sudanese children born in the country, and of nomads through, inter alia, draft legislation on the modernization of the registration arrangements and on support for strengthening these arrangements (“Projet Modernisation état civil et project d’appui au renforcement de l’état civil au Tchad”). The Committee urges the State party to ensure allocation of adequate financial, human and other resources to registration centres and to take measures to ensure easy access to registration by the population in all areas of the country, including in refugee camps. The Committee further urges the State party to ensure that late registration of births is also free of charge. The Committee encourages the State party to continue its cooperation with UNICEF, UNDP and the European Union in order to improve birth registration rates.

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Themes: International standards, Birth Registration
Regions: Chad
Year: 2009