Dual Citizenship and Its Probable Impact On Liberia

Published: 4/Mai/2017
Source: The News (Monrovia)


The Issue Of dual citizenship in Liberia has been and continues to be discussed across the country especially ahead of the crucial Presidential and Legislative Elections slated for October this year. The views are divergent on the dual nationality of individuals, who want to participate in the pending elections.

There Are Some Liberians, who support dual citizenship while others are opposed to the move. Those Liberians, who support dual nationality, believe that it would enhance Liberia’s economic growth and development. They also argue that dual citizenship would lead to job creation once the beneficiaries bring back home.

However, Those Individuals, who are opposed to dual citizenship, are of the opinion that dual citizenship contravenes the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia. They have pointed fingers at some presidential aspirants and public officials appointed by the President of Liberia. They want dual citizenship to be part of the ongoing constitution review process or a separate law for that purpose.

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Themes: Double Nationalité
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Year: 2017