Dual Citizenship in Zimbabwe

Published: 21/Jun/2016
Source: Kanokanga law firm newsletter

Newsletter No. 6

Zim Law (Diaspora Edition)


It goes without saying that the issue of citizenship is a very important issue, regardless of the nationality. Without the need of exploring jurisprudence it is essential to note that the holding of national citizenship is a universally guaranteed right.

When one is recognized as a citizen it provides the individual with various benefits such as the right to register and vote in elections, the right to unrestricted entry and stay in a country, access to health services etc. The aforesaid can be classified as socio-economic human rights.

It must be stated that the new Zimbabwean Constitution recognises three types of citizenship, that is:

  • Citizenship by Birth
  • Citizenship by Descent
  • Citizenship by Registration

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Themes: Acquisition of nationality, Dual Nationality
Regions: Zimbabwe
Year: 2016